Krishna Associates

Our commitment

As construction & infrastructure developer leader in the making, Krishna Associates team demonstrate a commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability. This commitment positively differentiates us from our competitors and create a benchmark.


Krishna Associates comply to the global SHE objective by adhering to the Safety, Health and Environment acts and rules of the country. Creating a safe and healthy work environment is a part of Krishna Associates dynamic culture. The value of safety at Krishna Associates is instilled in everything it does through a guiding principle. Krishna Associates will not compromise the health and safety of its people. Krishna Associates employees look out for each other with a goal of zero incidents.


Krishna Associate’s has formulated a quality management program to ensure a commitment to quality. This commitment improves quality performance, and improves client and design team satisfaction.


Krishna Associate’s growing commitment to sustainability is grounded by the guiding principle of social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Krishna Associates realizes the importance of more than just economic sustainability by also making a positive impact in local communities and environment.


We are into the filed of construction, design and management which bring diversity in our activities and culture. To integrate and enhance value of the organisation, we share a set of core values: honesty, integrity, respect, and passion. These core values lead to the development of a dynamic culture where everyone learn, teach, improve, and add value for clients.